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Exclusive: Menendez Married Mistress Photos is publishing photos of Senator Robert Menendez and his married girlfriend taken during a vacation in Puerto Rico. The photos were sent to its editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson and were first discussed in a New York Post article. We have no … Read Full Article

Is Michael Brown throwing up gang signs?

VIDEO Debunks #MichaelBrown Coached Witnesses

Video sent to of the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting shows witnesses working together to craft a statement on what exactly transpired. The damning video demolishes the independent witness statements, says a tipster to It … Read Full Article

Ray Rice by Keith Allison - Courtesy: Flickr - Creative Commons Share Alike

Why Janay Stayed With #RayRice #WhyIStayed ? has obtained the criminal records of Janay Rice, raising new questions about why she may be staying with her abusive husband. In 2010, Rice was arrested in Baltimore County for shoplifting. Rice got probation for trying to steal a dress … Read Full Article


#Obamacare’s Tax Troubles Just Got Worse

Obamacare - “Tax Credit” is not the same as “Tax Credit Functionality” By Scot K. Vorse The administration required states exchange websites to allow individuals to apply for tax credits, but did not require the same from, suggesting that the … Read Full Article