BREAKING: Top Billionaire Karl Rove Donor Employs Major Liberal, Anti-Semitic Blogger WITH UPDATE

CORRECTION: Gouldman’s wife isn’t Arab; she’s Iranian.

public storage

Public Storage employs the anti-Semitic editor of two left-wing blogs.

The biggest donor to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads employs an influential anti-Semitic blogger as a vice president of his company.

Politics certainly can create some strange bedfellows. Take the case of Karl Rove’s PAC American Crossroads.  The organization’s largest donor is B. Wayne Hughes. Hughes, worth $3.9 billion, is the owner of Public Storage which is the largest self-storage company in America.  How big is Public Storage?  2,100 facilities around the world with 135 million square feet available for rent.

So what’s the big deal?  A conservative donating money to an Establishment Republican PAC.  This all seems like par for the course.  But let’s dig a little deeper.


Gouldman with his wife, Sheila. Correction: Gouldman says his wife isn’t Arab. She is Iranian.

A prolific liberal blogger named Icarus Verum has published thousands of articles in support of left wing causes.  If you’re thinking that Icarus Verum sounds like a fake name, you’d be right.  As it happens the true identity behind the Icarus Verum persona has been a closely guarded secret.  In fact, for several years, nobody knew who this man was. Until now.

Icarus Verum is the editor of and which happen to be some of the most read left-wing publications on the Internet.  They have an audience that rivals MSNBC.  He’s also a partner in the Facebook page Being Liberal which has 1.1 million fans.

As it happens the identity of Icarus Verum has been discovered, and the connection to B. Wayne Hughes is both staggering and comical.

Icarus Verum’s real name is Daniel G. Gouldman. Here’s his main Facebook page and here’s his secret Facebook identity.

Here are some links showing Gouldman’s obsessive anti-Israel rhetoric.
Here is his disqus account.
Here is his Reddit account.
Here is his Google Plus account.
Here‘s his writing for the Everlasting GOP stoppers.
Here are just a few of his anti-Semitic writings about Israel.
He has claimed that the Israeli war in Gaza was “based on a lie.”
Gouldman is a regional vice president at Public Storage, having been in the employ of Hughes since September 2010 according to his Linkedin.


Gouldman 2 DashboardGouldman 1

Upon learning this information it becomes readily visible to a blind person why Gouldman was so desperate to hide his identity!  He’s accepting a paycheck and working hand in hand with a conservative donor.  This is information that is damaging to him from both sides of the political aisle.

How do we know that Icarus Verum is Daniel G. Gouldman?  The linchpin piece of evidence that led to Gouldman‘s secret coming to light was due to Gouldman‘s laziness and greed.  After taking over at If You Only News and Addicting Info, Gouldman began streamlining payments directly to employees.  This is where he became sloppy.  Gouldman sent the payments himself.  On the bank wire transfer, there is Gouldman‘s name:


We reached out to both Hughes and Gouldman but haven’t heard back yet.

Update: Gouldman threatens to sue We’ve corrected the remark about his wife being Arab because we honestly don’t know.

Jewish anti-Semitism is actually a fairly common pathology. Norman Finkelstein is a prominent example.

Here is Gouldman’s message.

Unfortunately for both of us – you seem to have made some very serious errors in your article. So I need to let you know what’s happening.

#1 – I’ve already contacted my lawyer. I realize that many people probably say that; I am however not trying to bluff you to thinking one thing or the other. I intend to fully pursue this matter if you do not properly rectify things.

#2 – You have libeled me. As an American who’s entire family is Jewish on my mom’s side – there are few things that can be more personally damaging than being called anti-semitic. You are in the business of words and the words you choose do matter. Unfortunately – to accuse me of hating all Jews is quite a serious accusation which I’m afraid you will find to be a very large mistake on your part.

Again – I realize that may not sound like much to you but seeing as how my grandmere fled France after Hitler invaded in order to prevent being sent to concentration camps … the attack that you have charged at me hits home on a very personal level. Additionally – this could very seriously affect my career for even being accused of such disgusting notions is enough to irreparably harm my reputation and financial situation.

#3 – You have used pictures of me that I took myself. You may not be aware of this but it’s irrelevant if you didn’t know – that’s copyright infringement. The courts have ruled that you can not simply use copyrighted images for your own use without permission. And in no way do I give that permission. Additionally – simply taking them down does not make us “square”.

You have already called me a “Major Anti-Semitic Liberal Blogger” and clearly attempted to harm my reputation with my company despite my Jewish heritage and failing to prove that accusation. You spoke of my wife as being an Arab when in fact – she is not.

I have already told my lawyer to send you the proper documents if your article is still up as of noon central tomorrow. I do not intend to allow you to damage my good name so that you can appear to be “breaking news”. Your article was very irresponsible and you did not think through the ramifications.

I do not wish to pursue this matter any further should you take down your article based on the reasons I have outlined above. It would be in both of our interests if you would take me at face value to know that I am quite serious.


Daniel Gouldman

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